Thalia Asdis

Daughter of Denied Luminosity

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Keeper of the Moon Miqo’te
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Likes: Sweets, hot baths, warm meals, good company, animals
Dislikes: prideful people, swimming, cold weather

ERP and Mature RP is okay, but please ask first!


On a late winter night, one of the maidservants of the Asdis manor delivered her newborn babe to the Lady of the house with one request.“Please raise and care for my daughter as if she was your own.”The couple that owned the mansion were both merchants of trade and had overlooked their own business. Even with treasures and gil to depend on, the two had been faced with the issue of having a child of their own. The young miqo’te babe being left to them was a blessing that they had thought they would never achieve, so they gave all their love to the girl. She was given the name Thalia.The Keeper of the Moon miqo’te grew up in the mansion, spoiled as could be, not knowing what it wasn’t like to be loved or praised. Over time the girl had taken an interest in magick, taking over her adopted mother in using white magick and was showing signs of being a promising mage. Many had high hopes for her but the calamity had other plans for her. The night that Dalamud fell and it’s shards had taken to the land causing devastation and destruction in its path. While trying to reach safety, the girl had been impaled with a small shard that was part of dalamud. In her lower abdomen, the small shard was rich with the remains of Bahamut’s aether and had sent the girl’s body into a state of shock and disrupted her natural flow of aether. This left the girl in a coma for weeks.When Thalia had finally woken up she had learned that she lost her ability to use any sorts of aether, leaving her bed ridden even after her injuries had been healed. The thoughts and beliefs of herself not being enough now that her talents had been taken left her deep within a self pitying void of depression. Dreams of becoming a healer had been stripped away and left her slowly grasping for other means to drive her moving forward.


  • Thalia works for her mother’s trade business, so she finds herself across many different ports and city states.

  • She had many years of dragoon training in Ishgard and because of this is very skilled with a lance.

  • She does not have the ability to use aether. This means she cannot use any healing magick or cure her own wounds. She will always need help after any sort of battle with her injuries.

  • Her favorite job is dancing. The Quicksands love to gossip about the veiled Keeper of the Moon miqo’te who spends her late nights serving drinks and entertaining the locals. Perhaps your character has acquainted themselves with the girl.

OOC Stuff

Hi there!! Thank you so much for having an interest in checking out the carrd I made for my character. Carrd was really scary for me to set up so I’m glad I’ve made it this far honestly!Myself and my characters are 18+, I have a zero tolerance towards doing any sort of roleplay or mature themes with minors.
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